12 houseplants to fight moisture in the house – TIPS & TRICKS

12 houseplants to fight moisture in the house

Between the peeling paint, the cracks in the ceiling, the peeling wallpaper, the windows full of condensation and the mold that invites itself here and there, you can only conclude one thing: you have a major moisture problem. ! To deal with this, it may be a good idea to make a dehumidifier yourself. However, there is another trick: place cleverly chosen houseplants! Some houseplants do indeed like a moist environment. Best of all, these plants can absorb some of the excess moisture from the surrounding air, allowing them to thrive. Discover these green plants to quickly decorate your humid interior, especially in rooms where the humidity is high (kitchen or bathroom).

Plants are good, but against moisture, also think about…

Air regularly your house for good ventilation
-Install a VMC (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation) or have yours checked
-Provide waterproofing of the roof, walls and windows that can cause heat loss and infiltration
-Install cups of coarse salt or gum arabic in cabinets and drawers plagued by moisture
Eliminate standing water and water leaks, then check the condition of the gaskets and the dripping of the toilets and taps.

These good habits are crucial in combating humidity on a daily basis. Don’t put everything on plants which are a very effective addition to this extensive program!

Make way for plants that absorb moisture

1) The orchid

blooming orchid
Credit: Flickr/Maja Dumat (Blumenbiene)

Placed in the living room, bathroom or kitchen, the orchid absorbs a lot of moisture, mainly thanks to the roots.

2) fuchsia

Ideal for more shady corners like the bathroom or the entryway, fuchsia helps absorb humidity.

3) Ferns

Ferns are tropical plants. This explains why these plants appreciate areas with high humidity (60 to 80%) and constant humidity.

4) The ficus

maintenance-friendly plants - ficus
Credit: Pixabay/JulioPablo

It is known that it has both a strong indoor air polluting capacity and a certain resistance. However, it is also a very good natural dehumidifier!

5) ivy

Ivy offers a very complete promotion. In addition to helping to dehumidify the air, it also contributes to the fight against mold. It’s a godsend especially since he loves the bathroom where these are two known issues!