that the father would affect the children

When a child is welcomed into the family, parents first want, at all costs, that he or she is healthy. Therefore, pregnant women must follow a number of guidelines on a daily basis to ensure that the life of the child is not endangered and that the best possible start in life is guaranteed. However, health can be very sporadic and it is not always possible to influence it. However, in the same way that women do during pregnancy, adopting certain behaviors may just be the best way to keep the little ones. To better understand how much many researchers are interested in this topic. This gives rise to studies in particular, which can sometimes give surprising results. This is especially true of this latest study by researchers at the Chicago Children’s Hospital in the United States, which has shown that a father’s health is closely linked to the health of his children.

Becoming a father: a real revolution

If genetics obviously has a role to play in health issues, it is always difficult to assess in what respect. The study in question was therefore of interest how fathers take care of them, and its impact on children’s behavior in relation to their health and the health of the whole family. Using this survey, the researchers found that fathers were striving don’t really care about their health 70% of them are overweight or overweight during the perinatal period, 20% of them smoke, 13% use too much alcohol and 10% suffer from depressive symptoms.

These figures already show how much a baby’s income can do completely disrupts the lives of young fathers and that women are not the only ones affected by parenting ailments.

Bindings that are not genetic

This study also shows that all of the above behaviors are necessary impact on the whole family. It can indeed be difficult for parents who let themselves go through all their day-to-day responsibilities, and that’s what researchers are trying to explain: “healthy fathers are more likely to participate in the upbringing of children, support mothers in parenting, and have healthy children».

In addition, children in general repeats the perceived behavior of their parents. The fact that their father does not take care of their health is likely to affect their real own health.