5 tips to help your child learn English

Speaking English can be helpful at all levels. Above all, it is an advantage in your personal life that allows you to travel and take advantage of facilitated exchanges, and this all over the world. From a professional perspective, a good command of English can be crucial to the success of your studies, and it can also increase your chances of finding an interesting job. To that end, learning English from an early age could be a plus to help you master an excellent language. For this reason, more and more parents want their children to learn English as soon as possible.

This is your case and you would like to take advantage of advice to help your child learn English? Find 5 unstoppable tips right away to make learning easier so you can implement them as soon as possible.

1. Apps and online courses tailored for the little ones

If you want to learn English from an early age, you can choose from online English lessons or download apps that are suitable for learning the youngest. If you teach your child English In fact, these platforms can be of great help to you. They offer exercises and activities for all ages from kindergarten. You can take advantage of the site from these platforms British Councilor choose to download one of the following applications:

  • Memrise. About the application Memrise, your children can develop their vocabulary and learn new English words on a daily basis. It is an ideal app to help them feel more comfortable in English both orally and in writing.
  • debate. debate is approxone of the applications dedicated to learning the most famous foreign languages. Whether you want your child to learn English or any other language, you will find lessons suitable for all levels.
  • Duolingo. Application Duolingo esIt is also recommended for the youngest, as it offers learning English while having fun thanks to the youngest appreciated educational games.

2. Get them interested in English culture

If you want your child to learn English from an early age, you need to get them interested in learning the language and therefore make them aware of English culture. For that, a trip to England could be a very good idea! In Discovering London or in another city in the UK, you can enjoy English gastronomy and explore museums and other important monuments. Enough to arouse in your children a desire to learn English.

Also, be sure to talk to them daily about English and American culture. This can be done especially through parties that you decide to hold at home, such as Halloween, Campfire night ou encore thanksgiving!

3. Comics and books in English

In addition to the previous advice, it can be interesting to help your children continue to learn English independently. To this end, you will find many books in English suitable for the youngest. You can also offer them to watch your favorite comics or movies in English so they can learn the language and its sounds while having fun.

With these views and readings, your children can significantly improve their level of English, alongside lessons learned at school and other chosen means of learning.

4. Speak English at home

When you want to learn a language, and this at any age, it is important to speak it as often as possible. This also applies to your children’s learning. In order for them to benefit from a good command of Shakespeare’s language, it may therefore be helpful to adopt a way of speaking English at certain times of the day. This can happen during meals when you meet with your family and talk about your days. You can also slip English words and phrases into your everyday conversations so your children can enjoy the language and its nuances.

5. Help from a foreign au pair

Finally, to teach English to children why not use help a alien au pair ? She can take care of bringing children to school and even help them with homework, valuable help to parents on a daily basis. If the au pair is from an English-speaking country, he or she can also take advantage of this exchange to speak to your children in English, helping them improve their knowledge quickly and effectively!

And you, what are your methods to make it easier for children to learn English? Share your ideas with us!