7 simple gestures to convey to children

Ecology has been at the center of all concerns lately. Despite numerous warnings from various associations, many continue to consume and completely disagree with a sustainable vision. However, the planet has never been this bad, and that’s why it’s more important than ever to be aware of protecting the environment and giving your children simple gestures that can change everything.

1) Sort the waste

If many households are sorting now, it must be acknowledged that this is not yet the case for everyone. In fact, many still use one trash can for all waste. However selective sorting is very important for the environment and can be installed very simply at home little organization. Kids can also quickly like it, especially if you present this in the form of a game. Using different colors depending on the waste, you will surely be able to arouse the curiosity of your babies!

2) Do not allow water to drain

This is unfortunately a bad habit many still have: let the water drain when not in use. Be that as it may in the showerIn due time brush your teeth or simply by washing dishesyou have to teach it to your children water is valuable and must therefore be preserved as far as possible. By the same logic, it is better showers rather than baths which must remain exceptional. Of course you have to lead by example also reduces the amount of daily water.

3) Collect used batteries

Many everyday objects run on batteries and children’s toys are no exception to this rule. Therefore, you should explain to them that batteries should not be disposed of as such very polluting. It is essential that they be present in the objects they themselves use make them aware for this matter. So take the time to bring them in regularly collection points. Unfortunately, only today 33% of used batteries are recycled thanks for that.

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4) Turn off the light when they leave the room

Like water, electricity is very valuable and should be used wisely. It is not uncommon for the light to be left on empty rooms. And it must be acknowledged that children are often masters in this field. Once again, you can present this in the form of a game organizing competitions to see who shuts down everything the fastest.

5) Do not throw rubbish on the ground

It is still possible to see a lot of rubbish scattered on the ground on the street or in public parks. Unfortunately, many people still have this annoying habit treat floors like giant trash. It is necessary to make the children understand that this is a a very serious act who can be very dangerous to the planet. Once again, you have to lead by example by systematically throwing waste in the trash. You can also participate together large waste collections in public places that allow your children understand the scale of this problem.

6) Prefer public transport or soft modes

If a car is a necessary means of transportation for some families, you should, if possible don’t make it a habit. When you can, I’d rather walking, bicycle or scooterspecially trip to school. Public transport are also a very good solution for city dwellers.

7) Prefer homemade

If children tend to love industrial food products as sweet as greasy, they must remain very exceptional. Whether it’s a snack or a variety of meals for the day, you definitely have to prefer homemade from fresh produce et season. So instead of giving your child an industrial cake as a snack at school, take a few minutes the night before. make a good cake with him that he is even more proud to taste after that.