Daydreams would give children better results at school

While many adults today miss the time when naps were mandatory, many children would cope without this important time of day. Indeed, young children often have great difficulty accepting this rest period, which, however, is essential for their growth. It even seems that their school results are much better when they agree to take a nap, as recent research shows.

Daydreams: a complicated moment for the little ones

The child needs it from birth much more rest like an adult. This therefore means falling asleep or even several while he is still very young. Only over the years does a child tend to crush this moment still so important. Unless she is heavily asleep, she usually prefers to use this time to have fun and do all sorts of activities that are much more invigorating than sleeping.

Yet a recent study by researchers at the University of California and Pennsylvania claims that naps are actually important for growth children. It would really affect them moodwhich seems self-evident, as well as theirs school resultswhich is more surprising.

child baby sleeping in naps
Authors: Pixabay – indrairawan

The benefits of daydreams in children

To draw these conclusions, the researchers reviewed In China, 3,000 students between the ages of 10 and 12. This study was conducted in collaboration with China Jintian Cohort Study, an institution where children receive education. In this way, they had access to school outcomes and their development.

The findings are truly surprising and show how necessary a nap is for the child. Indeed, children who take naps 3-4 times a week see their school results increased by 7.6%. A good argument will persuade little ones to take advantage of this time-saving sleep.

To explain this, researchers argue that this moment of rest would allow children to be better mind and get a better self-management. So they have all the necessary skills in school to get good grades.

The study also looks at children’s sleep deprivation and its effects on everyday life. Unfortunately, 20% of children would sleep during the day, especially at school. If the effects turn on schooling can be very negative, they are too health from the small ones concerned.

Reorganize your day

The researchers’ conclusions are clear: naps must be mandatory for children, even if it means reorganize their days. If in China Siesta is a real institution for both children and adults who have time in many companies at the time, then in France it is not. However, the days can be very longspecially for teenagers who need a lot of sleep. It would therefore be necessary check the arrangements for the days stop a little later, but set aside time to rest during the day.