Reading stories to children would make you less serious

Reading stories regularly for children is a very useful gesture for little ones who can then learn many skills. If we often tend to believe that children are the only ones who benefit from these precious moments, recent research shows the opposite. In fact, if parents often read stories to their children, they would be milder.

More gentle teaching methods

Reading times are usually held Evening, just before the child goes to sleep. Time that is often reassure and that allows children to eliminate tensionwhich is then very useful Find sleep. If these quiet times are pleasant for the little ones, the adults won’t be left out and will be fine benefit from it also.

Researchers at Rutgers University in New Jersey have indeed been interested in the benefits of reading related to parental behavior. To this end, they study the frequency with which stories are read 2,165 «couple»Mother-child as well as training methods parents and in particular stability. Based on all this information, they saw that mothers who regularly read books to their little ones are usually like that less serious et more understanding. This would also make it possible reduces hyperactivity, disruptive behaviors et lack of attention children.

reading a baby book to read stories
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Peaceful time is needed for everyone

The reading would therefore be a positive effect both parents and their children. If we already knew that reading gave the children a chance to calm down and thus get them less restless, it seems that the effect is the same for parents. With this logic, the whole family is fine calmer et the good behavior of one is reflected in the other. It is, in fact, a virtuous circle which allows maintain a good general atmosphere at home.

Children are global less enthusiastic and so wiser et pay attention to the instructions. Parents are too less serious. Finally dint of friendliness et listeningthe family can find the real one balance where everyone has a place and a sense of well-being.

The benefits of reading for children

Reading can be a real way for children to thrive. If it has a very positive effect on them creativity and their imaginationit can also be a great help to them schooling. The fact that parents read stories makes it possible include them in this interesting learning. This is a good way for them feel committed to their future academic success free be oppressed.