what are natural medicines to treat children?

In winter, the viruses make the return a big disappointment for parents. When the first microbes arrive home, it’s really hard to get rid of them. Most often, these are minor benign illnesses, such as the flu, which is very common during the winter season. However, parents do not always want to turn to traditional medicines to overcome them, but prefer simpler and more natural medicines. So here are a few examples.

1) Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a habit increasingly used, especially from families. It is a technology alternative medicine which can be very useful especially in the treatment of small diseases. Homeopathy for colds can therefore be very effective, especially for children who often have reluctance to take medication.

2) Honey

There should be a little honey in your cupboard and it can be very helpful in a small cold. Honey is, in fact essential element to overcome such diseases, in particular cure sore throat. Also, kids tend to love this food that is sweet and therefore necessarily very good.

3) Essential oils

Essential oils have gradually become essential products in homes. There really are all kinds which allow cure many ailments. To prevent colds, the essential oils of tea tree and nutmeg may be ideal. For them to be effective, it is possible to spread it to certain parts of the body (handles, chest or back) or disperse it into the house through the diffuser intended for that purpose. Saron essential oil can be a very good option for treating and soothing colds. It should be used in the same way as above.

4) thyme

Thyme is an aromatic herb known and recognized for its benefits, including against diseases. In fact, it allows clear the airways and soothes the cough. It is possible to use infusionor in essential oil. In addition, there are no contraindications for children.

5) Lemon

Lemon is a fruit that can be very useful in everyday life, especially for minor illnesses such as colds. He actually is rich in vitamin C. which allows strengthen the immune system to defend themselves effectively against various diseases. Therefore, it is recommended to drink every morning after waking up half a lemon juice diluted in hot water to ensure a day full of energy.