Should children be allowed to play with plastic guns?

Today, children face violence almost every day, whether in the media, video games, or simply on the playground. And while this last violence may seem ridiculous at first glance, it is the same. On top of that, if you go to the toy store, usually the boys ’department, you’ll find that plastic guns, which are sometimes very realistic replicas of real guns, are everywhere. Just, is it a really good idea to let your child have fun with a plastic gun, no matter how harmless?

Really special toys

Plastic toys in the form of guns are nothing ordinary. It’s really hard not to think about a particular concept of violence when you see them. If guns are a reality, is that a good reason to let children play with them? Parents usually associate plastic weapons with a specific one violence. In fact, weapons that are not dolls are apparently used to damage and kill. However, such violence is quite common today, and it also occurs in e.g. daily children. Thus, some children’s experts argue that even if parents refuse to buy children toy toys, they will still have to face this much earlier than expected. For this reason, even if this decision stems from a good feeling from parents who want to protect their little loved ones for as long as possible, it is very difficult to control today of everything they see or hear, even at a very young age.

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Learning they do alone

If parents categorically refuse to offer their children plastic weapons, they will very quickly realize that they do not need this to play in the war and understand this concept of violence. After seeing or simply hearing about these objects, children really inevitably want to play. like big ones», And so this involves certain actions that require a certain amount of violence. And even without a plastic gun they can do it: a simple piece of wood or their own guns are enough to mimic the use of a firearm.

And parents who are worried about seeing their children have fun in a violent way can be confident:learn about violenceis a completely normal phenomenon in building a child. In this way, he can also regulate his inner feelings and channel his own violence.