should we be concerned about stock shortages?

You may have heard of it: for a few months, it has been very difficult to find Doliprane packs in pharmacies, either in 1000 mg capsules or in liquid form for children. Doliprane, proposed by Sanofi Laboratories, is in fact a paracetamol-based drug that is very often used in French homes. The fall in stocks may therefore be a concern for some people. So here’s everything you need to know about it.

Why are these stocks falling?

As mentioned earlier, doliprane is a drug that is used very often, and especially at this time of year. the sudden change in temperature as well as increased circulation of bacteria and viruses promotes the development of various pathologies, some of which require treatment with doliprane.

It is also important to remember that we are still at the heart of a great pandemic. You can reduce your symptoms and try to live better Covid-19it is therefore strongly recommended to turn to Doliprane.

As a result, a pandemic lasting more than two years, minor winter illnesses and the late arrival of influenza have led to a problem production. Indeed, the laboratory in charge of production is struggling to keep pace with the sudden and unprecedented growth in demand. So far, however, no justification has been put forward for the difficulty of finding dolipran in children.

Should we expect a shortage?

However, there is no reason to fear a shortage of doliprane in the future. The reduction in stocks only applies to Doliprane 1000 mg and the pediatric product. That is why it is always possible back to 500 mg. If measures have already been taken to limit the effect on patients as much as possible, you should still expect that there is little Doliprane available in pharmacies. until June 2022.

In any case, it is important to remember that Doliprane is not the only paracetamol-based drug and that it is therefore entirely possible to have recourse to others who come from different laboratories.