Everything you need to know

In a few years, yoga has become a very popular hobby, especially in France. In the eyes of some, this soft sport that allows for both personal development and learning to become flexible has even become a real institution. Yoga has also experienced a resurgence of real interest during various births. Indeed, there was a rush and it was important for many to stay fit despite their imprisonment. In short, yoga has seduced many people of all ages. However, we often don’t think of children when we talk about yoga. However, the latter can also engage in this sport, which is fully available to them. Here is everything you need to know about yoga for the little ones.

What kind of yoga for children?

Like many other sports, yoga is fine adapt to children. In addition, unlike other functions, it is above all a gentle exercise which promotes personal development. Thus, the youngest have access to it, and even very early on. It is therefore entirely possible to offer yoga practice to those under the age of five, although it must be admitted that at this age it is above all a matter of stretching and breathing. However, from the age of five, the child begins to better understand the instructions and thus assume the right postures in order to practice yoga in the best conditions. In reality it is no big differences between adult yoga and children’s yoga, except that you need to be able to adapt to physiology.

Of course, you need to be able to adapt the rules to the little ones. Yoga can indeed be abstract aspects that is better to wipe out when it comes to teaching them. That is why they must have simple and concise instructions so that they do not spread too much. Yoga classes for children are inevitably much more playful and noisy than yoga classes for adults.

What does yoga interest little ones?

Like adults, yoga is very useful for children and has several benefits. As with any other sport they can play, it gives them a chance channel their energy. Yoga can also boost a child’s ability Focusbecause it is above all well reassure.

Yoga also gives children a chance develop balance and to become truly aware of your body. Indeed, they are better able to understand how it works, and above all its place in space. Yoga can also be psychological benefitsand in particular to allow develop self-confidence. These many arguments should therefore probably convince you to start your child in this practice.