8 signs that your child is about to become a teenager

If you can’t do anything about something, it’s a passage of time. For this reason, those around you also have an annoying tendency to tell you that you need to take advantage of the current moments with your children. The blond heads are indeed growing at a rapid pace, so that one day your “little ones” will become teenagers without even noticing it. Here are some signs that should warn you.

1) He asks for more privacy

Teenagers inevitably need more privacy, which is perfectly normal. Your child’s body is currently inside complete changehe therefore prefers to a Secret Garden and you do not reveal yourself. While it may be difficult for a parent to feel abandoned this way, you still have to accept This situation. This is a completely normal stage in his growth.

2) It changes its smell

It’s not a myth: teenagers have a very special smell. The hormones are indeed at full boiling point and this results in a increased sweating. So your deodorant budget will increase significantly, for good reason!

3) He talks less

If this phenomenon can be a concern for some parents who immediately think there is a problem at school, the teenager usually becomes less noticeable just because he or she doesn’t want to do not speak. His close circle can quickly annoy him. So the few times he talks, he may have a tendency s’agacer to everything and everything.

4) She is very tired

Teenagers need it a lot of sleep. Once again, hormones are involved. Therefore, your child is likely to wake up very late on the weekend, and it is not necessarily because he went to bed late. He just needs more sleep and can be really exhausted for no apparent reason in the middle of the day.

5) He spends a lot of time preparing

Teenagers are getting more and more coquettish. He really wants to please both for others and for themselves. Unfortunately, even at this time in her life, hormones can do tricks for her and change their physical appearance. Inevitably, she tries to hide her small complexes as best she can to look more beautiful than ever.

6) He eats a lot

As it is inside full growth, your teen has significant needs. If you’ve had a little eater at home so far, you might be surprised to see it swallow whole dishes.

7) You see him less

Teenagers prefer to spend more time their friend than with his family. So the danger is that you’re in the background for a few years. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you, but that he needs a little freedom.

8) She looks sadder

Youth is not an easy course to pass. Between all these upheavals and the new problems he faces, your child can quickly feel outdated. He must then be able to trust you and you support as well as your ability to sometimes wipe yourself out. Teenagers can often be ungrateful, but they will pay it back to you sooner or later!