6 good reasons to do it with your kids

Today, there is a wide range of games available to wake children up. If screens become more common in their lives, early childhood experts are urging young parents to rely on more traditional toys. In them we find puzzles that are games that have been around for a long time and that are as interesting as they are fun. Here are 6 reasons to have regular puzzles with your child.

1) They develop the ability to concentrate

To make a puzzle, a child must be able to focus on it a few minutes. A very good solution for those who have a habit scatter quickly. The latter is therefore obligatory For self-control and enjoy doing the action calmer which requires long concentration.

2) Working with memory

Several studies have shown that doing puzzles greatly improves memory. The child has to put the songs together little by little so that he can work on his memory Brief as well as prolonged. A very important skill for growing little ones.

3) Calm down

Children should do puzzles centralize several minutes to one goal. The situation is almost impossible to think of at a time when children’s eyes are almost constantly closed on the screens. These are customary inspire even more especially because of the light and the very fast images they emit.

4) Keeps them off the screens

Puzzles and all the other more traditional games are just that ideal solution to keep children away from the screens. It’s hard not to encounter them with these hobbies, which inevitably catch the eye. Still, puzzles can also be great ottajia which allows children to do more things playful than watching the screen for a long time.

5) Teach him to think

Achieving the puzzle allows you to work many areas of the brain. All cognitive functions indeed used during this activity, which is therefore very good brain development.

6) A moment to share together

The great advantage of puzzles is, above all, that it is possible do it together. Therefore, it is an ideal game a good time with family. Making a puzzle can even come true family tradition.