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Instagram is an app that is being used more and more around the world so that it is also possible to find children, sometimes very small ones, with profiles. More and more parents are taking the initiative to create an Instagram account for their child. A new trend that divides and therefore raises the question of the presence of children in social networks.

Kids on Instagram: a big trend in recent years

In recent years, it is possible to see a new trend rising on Instagram. That is a fact create an Instagram account for your child to disseminate pictures of him. This is a phenomenon that has come to the fore through “the stars»Reality TV. In the liking contest, the latter do not hesitate to highlight their little ones through the accounts that are fully dedicated. So inevitably, these influencers can get their followers to do the same, and so it’s possible to see dozens of Instagram accounts for kids thriving in the app.

Of course, like all molds, this one too to talk a lot et share tremendously. While some fully understand and support this gesture, many are the ones point your finger the parents blame them don’t respect privacy of their children. Indeed, a recent study showed that one in three babies live digitally before they even enter the world. Usually this is done by publishing on social networksofficial announcement future birth, ultrasound pictures or the name reveals. Relatively disturbing observation when we know drifts which may be on the Internet.

Creating an Instagram account for your child: a good idea or a bad one?

Parents who decide to create an Instagram account for their child themselves, sometimes even before the child is born, may have good reasons to do so. What comes to “celebritiesthey can do it simply Avoid completely strangers doing it for them. So that’s the way for them “control»Picture of their baby and therefore you have a feeling minimal control over it.

Others are also aware that there will certainly be new technologies an even more important place in a few years, specially when their children are adults. So creating an Instagram account for your child so early can be the way to be according to their time and allow him later get this support which may be of benefit to him in adulthood.

However, there are very likely more opinions than in favor of this practice. This principle can indeed give the impression favor a certain reputation towards preservation of identity of his child. However, social networks are tools intended for adults. There is no place for children there. It is also important to remember that this is about the identity of that child and not because of his parents. Although parents have to make decisions for their children during these first years of life, it still is it is necessary to keep them as independent persons. Therefore, you should not make such a decision on their behalf and manage their digital identity on their behalf. In effect, The Internet does not forget anything and some clichés can damage them later.