Children eating in a balanced way would have more space at school

Food plays an important role in the development of children. In order to meet their needs, promote their growth and maintain their health, they need to eat a balanced diet. A recent study even showed that healthy, nutrient-rich meals would have significant benefits for learning ability.

Eat well to work better

ESMT Berlin researchers base this finding on the fact that the more children eat a balanced diet, the more they have facilitated in certain school subjects. To this end, they offered 120 million children a free meal for 2 to 5 years. The results quickly showed that diet does indeed play an important role school success about the child.

In fact, after several weeks of testing, the researchers found that the little ones who followed a healthy and varied diet scored points. 18% higher in reading exams et 9% higher in math tests. An observation showing the benefits of healthy meals for children’s growth.

However, the study states that the benefits were seen after a few weeks of study. Indeed, it is necessary get healthy meals before you can see positive results. Therefore, it is a a very long-term solution. According to this study, the simple fact that you provide your child with a balanced meal from time to time does not work no effect with his intellectual skills.

The importance of balanced meals

While this study provides results that illustrate the importance of perfectly balanced meals, it doesn’t teach us anything really new. In fact, children need some development daily intake and the menus are as healthy as they are varied. Therefore, you should not hesitate to offer them the best products et Avoid fast food and other ready meals as much as possible which are very harmful to health.