all precautions when transporting the child

In a few years, and especially after the health crisis, the bicycle has become a very popular means of transport on all everyday trips. It must be said that at the moment and because of the climate challenges we are facing, it is only natural to look for simple ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and the bike is inevitably the perfect solution to this. It is even possible to make a family transport with children. However, by taking responsibility for riding children on a bike, you need to follow a few safety rules to ensure peaceful and safe travel.

Suitable seat

In order for a child to ride a bicycle in complete safety, it is first important to give him or her a chance suitable seat, which must be different from the cyclist ‘s own. Therefore, you need to get a bicycle seat that can be attached to both the front and rear of the vehicle. In addition until five years for a child these types of devices are obligatory. However, if after this age it is possible to switch directly to the child’s saddle placed in the frame of the bicycle, the use of a special seat is still recommended for low safety reasons. When you buy, you also need to make sure that the seat in question is in good condition equivalent European safety standards. Therefore, he must have a belt or harness, a footrest and a handrail.

helmet on the head

If the bike is a very practical and economical vehicle, it is still relatively dangerous. Unlike a car where the occupants are protected by the interior of the vehicle, cyclists are especially important exposed to road hazards. For this reason, the use of a helmet is highly recommended for everyone and even Mandatory for children under 12 From March 22, 2017. As an example, the best thing, of course, is that the parents themselves wear a helmet.

High quality bike

Like a car, a bike must be kept good quality to ensure safe travel. For this reason, it is advisable to check the bike well in advance of each journey, especially the load capacity of the tires and especially the equipment for the child being transported.

Follow the traffic rules

When you carry a child on your bike, you need to show yourself perfectly impeccable while driving for maximum safety. To do this, nothing could be simpler: all you have to do is strictly comply with the Road Traffic Act. It is also important to know your behavior today affect your children tomorrow.