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3 good reasons to make your own album or photo book

Photo books and photo albums in particular have been on the rise in recent years, mainly thanks to trendy manual activities such as scrapbooking. But let’s face it: the era of photo film that we started developing still seems far behind us! Nowadays you can easily immortalize everything with your smartphone. However, these photos are dematerialized and lie dormant on digital media (tablet, computer, etc.). They are posted on our social networks, but no longer appear in a photo album or photo book. Here are a few reasons that may convince you to give it a try!

1) An album or photo book for an unforgettable memory

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Who has never felt a wave of emotion through an old family album? Photos of relatives, celebrations (birth, baptism, birthday, communion, marriage, etc.), events (relocation, project, etc.) or outings, they preserve the memory of strongest moments of a life. This allows them to materialize before your very eyes to remember and share with your loved ones.

2) Keep only the best photos

Here, it’s a little personal experience that speaks! The phone makes it easy to stall takes, especially in the summer when you want to immortalize your family or romantic getaways. Finally we end with hundreds of failed snapshots, often blurry, poorly framed or with unknown tourists, all lost in the phone gallery. This year the editors of Grand-Mère’s Tips have therefore decided to keep their most beautiful holiday photos. in a personalized photo book.

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We have opted for Flexilivre for this. The site is easy to use and everything is customizable: texts, cover, album format and format, etc. You can use the different models offered to create a unique photo book and import your photos. And good news, if you add in: GRANDMERE TIPS at check out, that will give you 15% off until 10/31/2022. This promo code is valid sitewide and for each album (excluding shipping).

3) A beautiful heritage

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Are you sure you only want to leave the photos on your Facebook wall or Instagram for future generations? Memories fade, phones break, but photos in an album or photo book stay! This tradition tells a story: yours and that of your loved ones. It is a precious testimony infinitely nicer than a screen and a legacy to leave your children and grandchildren.
It’s also a nice idea to personalized gift who always gives pleasure.