4 tips to save on gas bills – TIPS & TRICKS

4 tips to save on gas bills

July 2021 marked a further rise in the gas price. And as with any increase in regulated prices, we can then worry about the effects on our bill. We are gradually moving towards the winter months when the heating will supply more fuel than the rest of the year. This also threatens to weigh heavily on the budget for the coming months. To prevent your gas bill from exploding, discover some good habits and actions you can take to really save on gas and energy without sacrificing your well-being.

In the same vein, you will also (re)read our article to save hot water, but also to spend less on your household appliances. Enough to replenish your efforts and save a few bucks!

1) Choose a more suitable gas heater

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Heating is number one when it comes to the energy costs of a home. Also, it’s critical to optimize the use of its heating appliances as much as possible to avoid unnecessary costs, especially in the case of gas heating, which skyrockets once the mercury hits the door. And as we remind you every time, the simple fact of lowering the temperature by one degree lowers the bill by about 7%. You will understand: every gesture counts! To avoid overheating, ADEME recommends the following thermostatic valve settings per room:

16°C in the bedroom
18°C in the living rooms (living room or dining room)
22°C when using the bathroom, but 17°C the rest of the day
14°C in the basement, utility room and any space that is not used much.

Also take advantage of the programmable thermostat if you have one at home. Also think about take care of the insulation to prevent heat loss. In addition to work, caulk the holes and entry points of doors and windows to avoid cold drafts.

2) Maintain the heaters properly and make good use of them

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By maintaining a gas boiler well every year, you can: 8 to 12% savings on its gas consumption. It is also a good way to ensure the life of this installation and to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Radiators work optimally when they are dusted. at least twice a year and purified every year for the winter. These simple actions will optimize their operation and thereby reduce gas consumption.

For a better performance of your devices, especially avoid:
-Place a piece of furniture in front of or next to it: it is necessary to ensure the free circulation of heat by placing your furniture well apart)
– cover the radiator with a curtain or whatever
– there are objects in places that could impede the spread of heat or be dangerous

3) use less hot water without cold shower

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Here it all starts with the settings of the gas boiler that has to run around 55 or 60 ° C. In this heat, the water is warm enough all year round. This prevents the build-up of tartar and bacteria in the device. Plus, you don’t need to change your habits too much. For example, prefer showers to long hot baths. On average, a bath uses three to five times more water than a shower. You may also want to consider washing your hands in cold water and installing a water-saving or hydro-efficient frother. This helps to maintain a good start while also saving water.

4) good gas cooking in a few easy steps

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Cooking on gas can be a major expense. Fortunately, it’s very easy to optimize your use of the gas stove to save some air. Already, we will never repeat it enough, but a simple one lid on a pan water boils four times faster. You can also put the water in the kettle before adding it to the pan. Boiling water is faster. Also make sure good burner maintenance which must be cleaned and degreased regularly. Also choose pots and pans that are the same size or larger in diameter than the hobs and use the correct burner size and flame power for each cooking turn. Last tip: invest in a pressure cooker or a pressure cooker to cook in record time.

And of course don’t forget to compare the different offers for gas from different suppliers and make sure it’s you is eligible for the energy check.