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5 practical tips to save time

While the majority of people like to have a clean interior, few people are passionate about doing household chores! It is experienced even more as a chore, especially if you have a busy daily life. Also, all is good to save time when it comes to polishing all the surfaces of the house. You should therefore like these few very simple tips to save time when cleaning the house.

1) Don’t confuse storage and cleaning!

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When we clean, we also tend to tidy up, devoting more time to each task. Ideally, you clean up a little each day to let nothing accumulate. And to go further, also consider tidying up your house with a big species to save space and light and optimize storage. Good organization makes cleaning easier.

2) Delegate as soon as possible

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Share tasks with all family members. If everyone does their part and participates in the life of the house, the daily and weekly cleaning will be faster. In addition, it gives the children strength! If you can afford it, you can also invest in smart home appliances. Robot vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, steam cleaner, etc. Well equipped, your fireplace will be easier to maintain. And of course there is also the possibility to looking for a cleaning lady.

3) Manage household products well

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Avoid come and go those are a waste of time, some do not hesitate to keep household products in a bucket that they move from room to room to always have the cleaning product they need at hand. Another idea: get an apron with a pocket to store clean sponges or rags. You can then hang a garbage bag around your waist, handy for major cleaning jobs. Finally, you can also store the products where you use them, even if it means having them in multiple copies. You can never have too much white vinegar!

4) Be Organized

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Following organizational rules saves time avoid scattering. The golden rule is to finish what you started before moving on to another task and to know how to prioritize. Also remember to do a little every day: 10 minutes of cleaning in the morning and 5 minutes of sorting/cleaning up in the evening. This will reduce the size of the big weekend cleanup task. Finally, follow a circuit by dividing the house into different zones. This prevents unnecessary back and forth.

5) Cleaning time

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Keeping your timing is a nifty little “psychological” trick. The cleaning therefore seems shorter, but is also faster.

Latest household tips jumbled up:

– Hang clothes on hangers so you don’t have to iron.
– Store small lockers with folding handles to unfold to slide the trinkets in while cleaning. You can then replace them once the surface has been cleaned.
-Slide wax paper on the refrigerator shelves to avoid stains.

Everything is good not to be bothered mental load !