5 tips to keep it liquid – TIPS & TRICKS

5 tips to keep it liquid

In recent years, many people have decided to do their laundry themselves. Gentler on the skin and better for the environment, natural laundry detergent respects the planet and our health by avoiding the allergenic and irritating chemicals of conventional detergents (perfumes, preservatives, etc.). And with several detergents per week, it also saves money. But even though this know-how is very easy to acquire, not all recipes that can be found on the net are created equal (estimated dosages, not always qualitative ingredients, etc.). In particular, it is therefore possible that the liquid detergent has a tendency to harden over time. So what to do if your homemade laundry gets heavy and how can you prevent it in the future?

Grandma explains everything to you so you don’t have to fall back on washing powder!

Detergent that hardens: 3 tips to avoid it

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Soap choice: the main reason for wax curing

If it hardens, it’s usually because of the composition, and more specifically because of the soap. Very often the soaps that can be found in stores are not real Marseille soaps. In the original recipe there is indeed a very short list of ingredients: 72% olive oil and 28% caustic soda. However, manufacturers tend to add a lot of ingredients to it, starting with glycerin and palm oil. however, the glycerin tends to harden, allowing your soap shavings or flakes to return to their solid form over time. It can go further seriously soil the machine and give a viscous appearance to your soap-based preparations.

It is therefore necessary to choose a soap without glycerine to prevent the solidification of the detergent. You can also use liquid Marseille soap or liquid black soap for your recipe.

Daily precautions to prevent your laundry from hardening

To properly store your homemade wax and avoid long-term problems, it’s important to mix it well. When your laundry vibrates before each use and regularly, there is less chance of it forming blocks or taking on a two-phase appearance. To do this, do not fill the bottle to the brim. Leave a minimum of space so that the bottle can be shaken well.

Salt to prevent clotting

Another grandmother’s trick is to simply add the equivalent of 1 teaspoon of salt to 500 ml of lye. This makes it possible to prevent the soap from hardening.

How to save a curing laundry? 2 easy tips!

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A passage in the blender for your cured detergent

After 5 minutes in the Thermomix or blender, your detergent will take on a more liquid and less sticky form. The blender will indeed break up the soap shavings and soften the glycerin that is hardening.

Add a little hot water or vinegar

Add water will thin the wax and to give the laundry less time to solidify. If your detergent does not no baking soda, you may also want to consider adding white vinegar, which also softens the fibers of the laundry. This allows it to become liquid enough to use. Here you can consider saving some undiluted detergent for heavily soiled laundry and diluting the rest for use on the rest of the laundry. So you have a formula that is powerful enough to remove stubborn stains when needed.

And for your next recipes, remember to follow our advice to avoid hardening, especially regarding the choice of soap.