5 tips to restore loft to a raplapla pillow – TIPS & TRICKS

5 tips to restore loft to a raplapla pillow

Very often our bed seems to us to be a cozy oasis of peace. Slipping out there every night is one of life’s simple pleasures. However, the pillows and cushions can sometimes be a spoiler here. Indeed, over time and with use, they can lose volume and settle. Your beloved pillow will become much less round, not without some neck stiffness, a bad night’s sleep, a stiff neck or a cramped spine! However, restoring plump and softness to a raplapla pillow is not rocket science. With a few simple daily maintenance actions and habits and the occasional well-done cleanup, your disfigured and tired nighttime sidekick will find all its splendor! Enough to be well positioned to close the arms of Morpheus…

Important: If a mattress needs to be replaced every ten years, a pillow can last about two years before being replaced.

1) Distribute the foam daily in the pillow

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To believe the condition of the kisses in the morning, you might have the impression that you have played an intense nighttime boxing match … And in the early morning it continues! Don’t forget to give small energetic blows to your pillows every day. So this little morning ritual will allow them to get back into shape and prevent the foam or feathers from accumulating too much in certain areas. Divide the filling well daily gives you a full pillow when night falls and improves longevity!

2) Sunbathe a little to give the pillow more volume

During the night, perspiration mixes with saliva and tears when you go to bed with a heavy heart. Your pillow may also be a bit damp and flat the next day. In the long run, this has the effect of softening. To dry it and give it a more than welcome boost, so think about extending it flat in the sun sometimes. The accumulated moisture will evaporate.

3) A special machine wash for the deflated pillow

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If you remember to clean your sheets very regularly, you often forget to do the same for your duvet and pillows. However, the latter are real nests for mites that also need a good brushing! You have two goals with your cleaning. You take good care of the hygiene of the bedding (and thus to maintain a healthy bedroom), but in addition you can restore loft to your softened pillow. To do this, don’t forget to add some tennis balls in the washing machine drum. This will give back a nice look to your duffel. Once out of the washing machine, avoid drying the slurry at all costs, which will make the filling more compact. Choose a dry flat, if possible in the sun, after tapping the pillow well to avoid bubbles in the filling.

4) Give a pillow loft with the dryer

No time for a big wash? Or maybe you’re lucky enough to have a tumble dryer that you can use after washing to speed up drying? In either case, do not deprive yourself of using the dryer! Indeed, there is no equal when it comes to restoring all its loft to a slightly outdated pillow. When your cushions become too flat, place them in this device, always with a few tennis balls. After a good quarter of an hour at a low temperature, your pillows will be as soft as you want!

5) choose the right size pillowcases

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Choosing quality pillows is one thing. However, also remember to make the right choice when it comes to pillowcases. Take a pillowcase of about two centimeters bigger than your pillow. Even if one may have the impression that placing a small pillowcase produces thick pillows, there is a risk that the filling will eventually become compressed. Ultimately, these bedding elements may no longer have the same attic! It would be counterproductive to say the least…