6 simple and cheap tips to insulate your windows against the cold – TIPS & TRICKS

6 simple and cheap tips to insulate your windows against the cold

When the windows are poorly insulated, it can be felt very strongly once the fall-winter is installed. In addition to the cold that penetrates, there is also a loss of heat that requires us to increase our heating costs to compensate. Moisture can also settle more easily, leaving condensation on the glass surface (window, bay window, patio doors or skylight). By ensuring that you insulate your windows properly, you will save money, gain everyday comfort and benefit from better soundproofing. But even with helpers, you can’t always afford to do odd jobs. Whether you have single or double glazing, however, there are tips that work really well for getting insulation without breaking the bank!

Quickly adopt these practical tips to stop spending more money on heating because of your windows! You will see that it doesn’t take much to retain the heat in your living space and spend the winter warm.

1) Replace window seals to insulate them better

Crucial for highly effective thermal insulation is that seals unfortunately have a limited lifespan. They tend to deteriorate quickly. An occasional change is therefore advisable, especially to cope with periods of climate change as best as possible. This prevents the air from becoming humid, making drafts more difficult. To improve the energy performance of your home, you should therefore consider installing glazing joints between the uprights and the frame.

2) Installing curtains is not an option

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By investing in curtains, and especially thermal curtains, you can keep a few precious extra degrees. This forms an effective barrier against the cold.

The original idea? It is also entirely possible to install a second curtain on an already existing rod. Use an elastic hook tensioner for this!

3) Use an insulating film

If you can’t fit double or triple glazing, you can give thermal insulation a shot. This is an adhesive strip that sticks directly to the windows. Once installed, the film in question can remain in place for approximately two years, depending on the model. Enough to provide some peace of mind over time and strengthen the thermal insulation of your interior at a lower cost!

4) Glazing to better insulate the windows

To avoid having to replace a window, you can also upset. It is especially appreciated for old single-glazed windows and installation is very simple and fast. However, it will be necessary to make the right choice between fixed glazing, opening glazing or even sealant glazing.

5) Intelligently recycle newspaper to insulate your windows

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Use a newspaper to prevent fresh air from entering your home to seal the spaces where the cold enters. All you have to do is fold back a sheet and then secure it in critical places with masking tape. This is of course less durable than placing a gasket. However, this is a good troubleshooting tip until you can get some at a DIY store!

6) Dress the bottom of the window

To limit heat loss from a door, it is very common to use a door bead. For the window, however, we can draw inspiration from this same principle. For an insulating and decorative effect, we can consider placing cushions and/or a bench in front of the window to counteract the cold if your interior configuration lends itself to it.