6 unusual tips with aluminum for home maintenance – TIPS & TRICKS

6 unusual tips with aluminum for home maintenance

The use of aluminum foil in food is highly controversial. Still, many of us have a scroll hidden somewhere in the kitchen, and we need to use it! If you can’t use it for cooking or storing food, nothing stands in the way of it being useful… for whole house maintenance! Indeed, when used correctly, it can surprisingly replace some household products and make the house look cleaner and more sparkling. Check out these unusual tips that use aluminum for home maintenance.

1) Aluminum in the dishwasher for dishwashing

Adding aluminum to the dishwasher next to the shelves results in: chemical reaction. This makes it possible to wash more efficiently, and in particular to polish the cutlery. Aluminum also helps fight and repair rust particles that can settle on silverware over time. To do this, cut out aluminum and crumple it without compressing it too much. Your ball should be the size of a golf ball. Then slide everything into the cutlery tray and start a cleaning cycle. This makes the dishes sparkle.

2) Aluminum for laundry care

aluminum in washing machine for laundry care static electricity
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You may already know the trick to balling aluminum into the drum of the washer or dryer before running a cycle. With this very simple trick you can: fights static electricity in the laundry. This makes it possible to eliminate the positive and negative charges produced during washing. This way you will never have shaggy hair after putting on a sweater!

3) Help to iron faster and more efficiently

You may have already seen the trick to sliding aluminum behind your radiator to… return heat more efficiently. We will! you can also use this principle to iron twice as fast. And that’s a good thing, because it’s a job we can do without… To make good use of the aluminum here, slide it under the cover of the ironing board or under a cloth before ironing. Then we will look for pleats as usual, except for one detail: we can iron both sides of the garment at the same time thanks to this magical technique!

4) Aluminum to clean a very dirty dish

aluminum dish care
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Whether cleaning the burnt baking dish or removing charred grime on a barbecue grill, aluminum is highly effective. Once crumpled, you can use it as a replacement for the sponge in combination with detergent and water. This way you can scrape away food residues and loosen dirt in one movement. This is a very practical troubleshooting tip if you no longer have the scraper sponge to hand! And of course you can keep your aluminum on the corner of the sink to reuse it. This eliminates the need for chemicals to remove the dirt. It is indeed a sin, let’s not forget that.

5) Aluminum against rust and tarnish

You can rub some all overcrumpled and wet aluminum against rust to easily remove those stubborn stains. In addition, it is very commonly used in the maintenance of silverware and silver jewelry that has been tarnished by time. To do this, we line a container with aluminum. Then add a little warm water, salt or baking soda and dish soap. After fifteen minutes of bathing, your silver service and your jewelry is ready shiny and like new !