7 Ways to Save Money for Back to School – TIPS & TRICKS

7 Ways to Save Money for Back to School

That’s it, the summer holidays are really over, it’s time for the start of the school year and with it its cost share! This year, the French spent an average of 200 euros per child. But this budget can be much larger depending on the class. Especially for students returning to university. So to save as much money as possible, every little saving counts. To save costs, we give you some tips that you absolutely must know!

Take advantage of your student status

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Even if you’re not making money yet, being a student is more of a status economical when you want to save money. Thanks to the student card you benefit from many advantages, including: preferential rates. Especially with regard to public transport subscriptions, cinema, fast food restaurants, restaurants, shows, museums, etc. Also take advantage of advantageous bank offers! So don’t hesitate to check every time you have something to pay to see if there is an offer or student rate.

Discover coupon codes

Ever heard of cashback? Many sites and applications that offer to make you refund a percentage of the amount of your purchases appearing on the internet lately. This solution can be of interest if you regularly buy on the Internet. The only limitation is to systematically go through the application to do your shopping. Otherwise you can too find what codes promos by searching the internet. You can find good deals in your favorite stores to save money when shopping online!

Eating in the university canteen

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In France, the vast majority of faculties a university restaurant. The good news is that you don’t have to be a student at this university to take advantage of it. You can study at any other school in the city altogether, as long as you have your student card you can go there for lunch without any problem. The advantage of “Restau U”, as it is called, is that you can eat well. balanced and varied for only 3.30 euros. For this price you are entitled to a starter, a main course, cheese and dessert ! Why deprive yourself of it? It is much more economical than a fast food restaurant and in addition some university restaurants are open for lunch and dinner.

Ask your neighbor for the WiFi code

Today, being a student without internet access is quite complicated. So if you don’t want to spend all your days on the BU or ruin yourself with a subscription to pay every month, why not ask forborrow your neighbors wifi code ? Of course you should still have nice neighbors, but in practice it is rare that they refuse. You can offer him a compensation of 5 euros per month in return. It will always be cheaper than paying a full subscription!

Use Open Office instead of Microsoft Office

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Being a student means taking notes, doing written projects, etc. That’s why you need the right software to work! But there is no need to break the bank by buying Microsoft Office, choisissez Open Office. It is free software that performs the same functions as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. In addition, it is regularly updated.

Choose colocation

The roommate still addresses students the same way as three quarters of 16-25 year olds adopt this way of life. In fact, this practice is still gaining ground as it now appeals to working people. Why ? Live comfortably and save money! In addition, it is always nicer to share your accommodation with friends.

Buy second hand

To furnish your home (furniture, crockery, etc.), to get dressed or to buy your school books: choose the second hand. Not only will the planet thank you, but your wallet too!