How to remove a nail polish stain? – TIPS & TRICKS

How to remove a nail polish stain?

During a manicure or pedicure, an accident happens very quickly, especially if you are in a hurry or have no skill. It only takes one extra drop on the brush, and his pants or the tiles are ruined! At least that’s what we think we think at the moment! Indeed, if you do not yet know how to clean this type of stain and how to remove the smallest stain of varnish, there are solutions. In this article, Grand-Mère gives you her simple and wise advice for a successful step-by-step cleaning of a nail polish stain on clothing, on wooden furniture, on the floor, etc. Stubborn stains from varnish splatters are quickly forgotten!

To know everything…

Before using any product, use an old cloth or paper towel to absorb as much varnish as possible. This limits the size of the stain and the difficulty of cleaning. On a floor, be it laminate, linoleum, parquet or tile, you can use white sugar to sprinkle on the stain to help it absorb. When processing, also preferred: always dab the stain instead of rubbing it to avoid spreading it too much. The smaller it is, the easier it will be to make it disappear.

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How do you remove a varnish stain from clothing, carpet or fabric?

Ammonia and Sommières earth against a varnish stain

Ammonia is not the most natural and mild product. It is therefore used with caution, in a ventilated area or by protecting hands and nose with gloves and a scarf or mask respectively. Dilute this cleaning product and then dab it on the stained area. Then sprinkle with Sommières earth and let it soak in before brushing off with a soft brush. This will absorb the rest of the stain.

The stain won’t go away with this trick? Get the iron out!

Do you resist dirt? Heat your iron to a medium temperature. Then apply a clean cloth to the dirt and activate the steam above the cloth (about 5 cm). This will loosen the rest of the stain which will settle on the absorbent paper.

Acetone, a classic against varnish stains

Acetone is the product most commonly used to remove varnish stains. It is also possible to use it on most textile fibers (cotton, silk, woolen fabrics, etc.). whatever it is to avoid on clothes that contain acetate. This could indeed burn them! So check the label before proceeding. How do you ? Apply a paper towel to the stain, then blot the area to be treated with a cotton ball. This makes it possible to soften the varnish trace which is subsequently transferred to the absorbent paper. If necessary, repeat several times before washing in the washing machine.

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How to treat a varnish stain on the different surfaces of the house?

Against a varnish stain on wood

If you put your lacquer on a table or touch a piece of furniture or the wooden floor when the lacquer is not yet dry, stains can quickly occur. On raw wood, you can simply rub the dry spot gently with a piece of sandpaper. On the other hand, it will not be suitable on waxed wood on which it will leave traces. In this case, you should use a cloth soaked in 70° alcohol instead. Then use a waxed wood maintenance product. This will restore its shine. Finally, in the case of painted wooduse a cloth covered with acetone instead.

If the mark is on plastic or glass

Whether the stain is fresh or dry, you can use an acetone-impregnated cloth.

In case of nail polish stain on the floor

The cleaning technique depends on the type of floor. on tile or terracotta, it is better to let the stain dry before applying White Spirit. To with sisal or carpet, instead acetone will be used which is rubbed liberally on the surface to be treated. Then use a small damp sponge to rinse and let dry. Finally, in the case of cement, sprinkle a generous dose of talc or Sommières powder and allow it to act for 4 to 5 hours before vacuuming or brushing. If that’s not enough, use hydrochloric acid.

What about the stains on the sink enamel?

Here, use a cloth impregnated with amyl acetate, a detergent that looks like White Spirit.