How to remove scratches from glasses? 5 tips – TIPS & TRICKS

How to remove scratches from glasses? 5 tips

Over time, wear and repeated cleaning can cause some superficial scratches to appear on the lenses of the glasses. And unfortunately, these superficial scratches can sometimes drastically change the viewing comfort that one can experience in daily life. So if you can’t fall back on a second pair of glasses or contact lenses to work, read or drive, it’s always nice to know little tips for removing a superficial scratch on old glasses. These tips are not only easy and economical, but also very effective on organic lenses most commonly found on the market. Quickly find out how you can save scratched glass so you don’t have to switch glasses or sunglasses.

Always clean glasses well before treating scratches

Difficult to see clearly and to distinguish the scratches with dirt on the glasses! So make sure you clean the glasses well before you start a treatment. Preferably use a special cleaning spray for glasses and a microfibre cloth. Some people also use baby shampoo, which can also help with broken glasses. In all cases, Do not wipe the glass surface with a tissue or kitchen roll. You could indeed make even more marks and scratches!

How to remove scratches from glasses?

Before using any of the solutions below, test it on a glass bezel to make sure it won’t be damaged. Once reassured, apply the suggested treatment solutions using very gentle circular motions.

striped glasses toothpaste stripes
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1) toothpaste to remove scratches

An basic white toothpaste (no grain or glitter) can really help reduce scratches on glasses. It is enough to smear some with a cotton swab on the striped glasses and then rinse with cold water. You can also polish the glasses with a soft cloth moistened with toothpaste before rinsing them. It is then possible to start over if necessary.

2) baking soda against glasses

Baking soda is useful for many things, including treating scratched glass. Mix this cleanser with water to form a paste. Try to get closer to the consistency of toothpaste. Then apply this mixture to the glasses in the same way as for the ‘toothpaste’.

3) cold ash

Cigarette ash is very effective at removing scratches from windows. In addition to use on windows, it can also be used on any glass surface, and of course on spectacle lenses. To do this, use a damp microfibre cloth (or felt) sprinkled with cigarette ash. Gently rub the glasses.

4) Alum stone

Gently rub the scratches with a cloth dipped in alum stone.

5) A commercial anti-scratch used on your glasses

Some commercial products are: specially developed to remove scratches, especially on car bodies. If they are colorless, you can use them to try to fill in the superficial scratches on your worn glasses. Often made from beeswax, these products can be very effective. If nothing has worked so far, you can use polish or scratch paste to fix your glasses. You will also find an anti-scratch kit for glasses.

If these tips are not enough, do not hesitate to ask your optician for help. He can sometimes fix glasses. Also, never use acetone at home to clean or treat your glasses. Indeed, we sometimes hear that acetone works wonders on DVD or CD scratches. However, solvent or an acetone based product can seriously affect the quality of the glasses. So be careful what you use there.