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The unbeatable recipe for ultra-degreasing dishwashing liquid

Dishwashing liquid is a product that we cannot live without on a daily basis. Not content with letting it wash up, it eventually allows you to clean everything! Indeed, the classic soapy water is usually sufficient for the maintenance of all surfaces of the house. In addition, it is the most effective detergent for removing greasy stains from clothes. Also, when we switch to natural household products, this is one of the first products we look for in this transition. There’s a catch, though… Between ineffective formulas and dish soaps that harden over time, there’s something to watch out for. Discover a very effective recipe for ultra-degreasing detergents with us. What to replace without regret the supermarket formula! A little elbow grease and dirt and grease are gone in an instant.

On this page you will find a similar recipe based on Marseille soap and white vinegar.

Good reasons to try this degreasing dishwashing detergent recipe

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Making your own dishwashing liquid, as well as your own cleaning products, can replace the products filled with harmful chemicals that you find in our stores. There are natural ingredients ecological and economic. So ultimately our health as the planet’s and our wallet is there. Plus, there’s a lot of satisfaction in cooking like a chemist and creating a formidably effective formula right from your kitchen!

Here, the combination of four basic ingredients makes it possible to overcome the most difficult dirt and stubborn stains: food burnt on the pan, oven rack or gratin dish, grease on the barbecue grill, griddle or charred stove… nothing resists to this little homemade laundry detergent that knows how to clean, degrease and stain!

A brief overview of the ingredients:

black soap : detergent, stain remover and disinfectant
Sodium carbonate (also called soda or soda ash): all-purpose cleaner and degreaser
Sodium carbonate : cleaner, stain remover, antiseptic and slightly granular to remove dirt.
Citrus essential oils : To better disinfect and disinfect dishes (antiseptics).
Remember that the use of essential oils is not very ecological and should remain exceptional, hence the fact that they are optional in this recipe.

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Make way for the degreasing detergent recipe


-50 cl hot water
-2 tablespoons liquid black soap
-2 tablespoons soda crystals
-1 tablespoon sodium bicarbonate
-Optional: 20 drops of citrus essential oil (lemon, grapefruit or orange essential oil)
-1 bottle of 75 cl or 1 liter (you can reuse an old bottle of detergent or opt for a glass bottle that is easy to recycle in a zero waste approach)


We can’t make it any easier!

1) Heat the water for a while first.

2) Then pour it into your bottle and then add your ingredients one by one. Mix well between each addition to avoid lumps. Most importantly, use gloves to handle your soda crystals.

3) When you have put everything in the bottle, you can close it and shake it well. It’s finished !

Please note that you need to mix your homemade dishwashing liquid a bit for every use. Indeed, some ingredients may have a tendency to sink to the bottom. Otherwise, level of use, we find the same actions as for the lambda detergent. The advantage of this is that it is not necessary to use a lot of product to be effective. This makes the bottle last a long time! In short, we are still looking for defects …